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Four Customer Acquisition Strategies in the Sharing Economy

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So you’ve built a sharing economy service. You’re ready to take it to market. But who should you start marketing it to first? Where to start?Every business needs to start somewhere. Amazon started by selling computer books to IT professionals. eBay started by helping collectors sell collectibles. The short-lived social network Tribe started by connecting people in the Burning Man community.A business’ initial market is often called a beachhead market. It’s where you start. If you pick well, you can expand quickly like Amazon and eBay did to other communities and categories. If you pick poorly like Tribe, you’re dead.The type of asset you’re helping people share will often make the choice of beachhead market easy. If you’re helping people share boats like Cruzin, then you know that outreach in marinas will be important. Sometimes, however, the choice isn’t so clear. Below are four beachheads where other sharing companies have had success. One or more might be right for you.For better or worse, a lot of marketing happens on college campuses. The high concentration of young, open-minded adults in beginning stages of forging an independent life makes them extraordinarily attractive to marketers. It’s also a place where a lot of sharing already happens. In fact, communal living is what makes the campus life so thoroughly fun.
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