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3D Innovations

2 mentions15 hours ago
"3D Innovations is a product development company. Core services include Engineering/Product Design, 3D CAD, Design Documentation, System/Sub System Design, System Integration, 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping, and Manufacturing services to support all ...

Mattel resurrects ThingMaker as a 3D printer

favicon USA TODAY
4 mentions11 hours ago
NEW YORK — 3D printing was still decades away when Mattel debuted ThingMaker in the 1960s. As a primitive “at-home maker device,” it let kids produce bug-like Creepy Crawlers, mini-dragons,

Watch a beautiful dancer turn into a 'Wide Open' 3D print in The Chemical Brothers' new video

favicon 3ders.org
12 mentions9 hours ago
Jan 27, 2016 | By Kira Slowly but surely, 3D printing is making its way into pop culture. Hip hop and fashion legend Kanye West publicly admitted to being afraid ...


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Smithsonian X 3D

favicon 3d.si.edu
2 mentions1 day ago
Widening of the Pan-American Highway reveals fossil whale grave yard. Discover how Smithsonian scientists preserve the site with 3D documentation.Cerro Ballena preserved several dozen skeletons of fossil whales, including those ...

Framelapp's facial 3D scanning helps create perfectly fitted 3D printed eyewear

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions14 hours ago
Feb 7, 2016 | By Tess Whether shopping for sunglasses or prescription eyewear, finding the perfect frames to fit your face can be a tricky task, especially for those who ...

The Story Of Titan Robotics

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions10 hours ago
There are very few ultra-large scale 3D printer for sale today, but one option comes from a small company in Colorado: Titan Robotics. We spent some time discussing matters with ...

A Few Questions For: 3D Hubs

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions20 hours ago
Here at 3DPrint.com, we love to keep up with the latest buzz in the world of 3D technologies–and that, of course, includes the latest at some of the great trade ...

Pedal to the Metal

favicon TCT - 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Prod...
3 mentions2 days ago
The 3D printing of metals is the industry’s fastest growing sector; various reports suggest that sales of metal-based 3D printers are up on last year’s numbers by upwards of 50%.


favicon Inside 3D Printing
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Group Rate: For Gold and Silver Passports, once one person from an organization is registered, additional people from the same organization receive $200 off. Click here to apply for a ...

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions7 hours ago
Share on TumblrThis week’s 3D printing news begins with news of a Golden Mousetrap award for Stratasys in the category of Materials and Assembly. 3D software company 3YOURMIND has partnered ...

LLNL & Autodesk 3D Printing Football Helmets, Overhauling Sports Equipment Construction

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions3 days ago
I live in Colorado, where today even the word euphoric would be an understatement to describe how people are feeling. It’s the day after that glorious Super Bowl win. Bets ...

Webinar: How 3D Printing Is Transforming Surgical Procedures

favicon Stratasys Blog
3 mentions3 days ago
Amid intensifying health care challenges like rising costs, an aging population and payer focus on outcomes, 3D printing can play an integral role for medical device companies seeking an edge ...

Sign Up Now for Updates on the MakerBot Thingiverse Developer Program

favicon MakerBot
3 mentions3 days ago
Thingiverse is the world’s largest online 3D printing design community and has become the go-to place on the Internet for anyone interested in 3D design and 3D printing. What makes ...

Adaptable children's arm prosthetic made from 3D printing and LEGO wins award at Paris show

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions2 days ago
Feb 11, 2016 | By Tess LEGO toys have, for many generations of children, been the building blocks of childhood, allowing kids to create, innovate, and have fun in an ...

STEM Divas Gets Young Girls Interested in 3D Printing and Other Technology

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions1 day ago
There’s been a lot of debate on how to get young girls more involved in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum. There’s some controversy about the practice of ...

GEMECOD’s Smart Lock, IKILOCK, Garners the Latest 3D Printing Technologies

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions2 days ago
A company named GEMECOD has designed a smart lock known as the IKILOCK, a new solution for smart locks that virtually eliminates the need for keys to your home or ...

Polymaker's PC-Plus 3D Printing Filament Lifts 480 Kg of Concrete

favicon 3D Printing Industry
4 mentions12 hours ago
After rebranding and new financing, Chinese filament manufacturer Polymaker has quickly become one of the leading materials providers in the world, releasing new functional and exotic filaments on a regular ...

Graphene 3D Labs’ Magnetic Material for 3D Printing

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions1 day ago
Graphene 3D Labs has announced a newly available 3D-printable PLA filament that’s magnetically conductive.It’s the latest offering in the company’s growing line of functional filaments. Graphene 3D Labs calls its ...

Teaching At-Risk Teens: Failure is Not Final & 3D Printing Skillset Offers Path to Future Career Successes

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions11 hours ago
Share on TumblrWhile most of us encounter numerous speed bumps, hurdles, crises, and challenges in our adult lives, it’s just the natural course, and offers a way to continually learn ...

3D-printed display lets blind people explore images by touch

favicon New Scientist
4 mentions2 days ago
Blind and partially sighted people often use tactile displays to interact with computers. These raised sets of Braille-like plastic pins work well for reading text and controlling an operating system.

Check Out The World's First 3-D Printed Metal Bike

favicon Co.Design
3 mentions16 hours ago
In June of last year, we wrote about MX3D's groundbreaking 3-D printing robot that can print a steel bridge in mid-air. Developed by Dutch designer Joris Laarman and backed by ...

Teenage Maker shares detailed how-to guide for $200 Edge 3D Printer

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions14 hours ago
Feb 13, 2016 | By Andre There are extremes in just about everything you might come across in life. From natural geological phenomenon like the weather to who has the ...

Watch Artist Melissa Ng Create Stunning Fantasy-Inspired Dreamer Regalia 3D Printed Cosplay Armor for Felicia Day

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions1 day ago
As an artist myself I struggle with the inner turmoil of having a career as a creative while many of the people in my life have more conventional jobs. Many ...

New report: 3D printing industry applications, players and market outlook

favicon WhaTech
2 mentions5 hours ago
9D Research Groupwww.9dresearchgroup.comCategory: Market Research Reports Company profile: 9D Research Group is a single destination for all the industry, company and country reports. We feature large repository of latest industry ...

The 9 Best 3D Printable Objects for this Valentine's Day

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions14 hours ago
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Drupa 2016 is Approaching; and Here’s What to Expect

favicon 3D Printing Industry
5 mentions1 day ago
The legendary print equipment exhibition is back again, traditionally four years since the previous one held in 2012. The Drupa Print Media Fair 2016 will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany ...

Texas students taking on Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes with 3D printed test kit

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions3 days ago
Feb 11, 2016 | By Alec Over the past few weeks the world has been shocked by the outbreak of the Zika virus. Carried by mosquitoes, it can cause microcephaly ...

Andy Rubin Unleashed Android on the World. Now Watch Him Do the Same With AI

favicon WIRED
2 mentions11 hours ago
A couple of years ago, Andy Rubin—the celebrated creator of Android and until recently the head of Google’s mobile Internet efforts—helped his wife, Rie, build a bakery in a decommissioned ...

The Black Crook: The first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions7 hours ago
Feb 13, 2016 | By Benedict The Black Crook, first performed in 1866, is often considered the first piece of musical theatre, but that piece of stage history has now ...

FATHOM Offers Same-Day & Next-Day 3D Printing

favicon 3D Printing Industry
2 mentions2 days ago
One of the significant drawbacks to 3D printing is the time it takes to fabricate an object.And, because not everyone has access to the technology, they may end up relying ...

WI3DP: Bridgette Mongeon

favicon Fabbaloo
3 mentions2 days ago
This article originates from Women In 3D Printing and is part of our effort to support the use of 3D printing technology by women. The article is re-published with permission.Nora ...

Trends in metal additive manufacturing

favicon Make Parts Fast
3 mentions6 hours ago
Interest in metal additive manufacturing (AM) continues to grow. Some companies are making special efforts focused specifically on metal AM. For example, a number of powder producers are beginning to ...

PieceMaker Brings Ford, Nickelodeon, & Metal 3D Printing to a Retail Store Near You

favicon 3D Printing Industry
4 mentions1 day ago
Just when you thought that the biggest 3D printing news from Toy Fair 2016 was a 3D printer from Mattel and Autodesk, PieceMaker comes in with a whole swath of ...

Hands On With 3D-Fuel’s Strong PLA and Algae Filaments. What?

favicon Fabbaloo
4 mentions2 days ago
We’re testing several new filaments in the lab lately, and one set comes from 3D-Fuel, who provide a very strange algae-based filament.3D-Fuel is a small and very new 3D printer ...

The 20 Biggest 3D Printers in 2016

favicon 3ders.org
8 mentions2 days ago
Feb 10, 2016 | By Kira We know that bigger doesn’t always mean better, but when it comes to 3D printing, the ever-growing list of absolutely massive, large size 3D ...

Your Future Flatware Will Be Forged by 3D Printing

favicon PSFK
4 mentions19 hours ago
Metal printing brings stunning cutlery to the table If you’ve been fantasizing about a future where every home has a 3D printer, here’s another picture to add to that daydream.

3D printed terracotta heart replica by Yardena Kurulkar wins Blake Prize 2016

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions16 hours ago
Feb 12, 2016 | By Alec That 3D printing has become a respected artisanal craft is especially apparent in how well 3D printed works of art are doing in award ...

Singapore wants to 3D print skyscrapers

favicon Quartz
6 mentions1 day ago
In the future, constructing skyscrapers may be as simple as following the instructions on a Lego model—albeit on a much grander scale. The city-state of Singapore has invested S$150 million ...

New Porcelain Resin Suggests An Explosion Of Unique Materials?

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions2 days ago
We’re looking at Tethon3D’s new ceramic porcelain 3D printer resin, and suspect this may be only the beginning.Tethon3D is a company dedicated to the art of ceramic 3D printing. The ...

Melissa Ng 3D prints stunning Dream Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day

favicon 3ders.org
8 mentions20 hours ago
Feb 7, 2016 | By Kira Fantasy 3D mask and jewelry designer Melissa Ng teamed up with Shapeways and CoKreeate 3D scanning to design a stunning, custom-fitted suit of armor ...

It Turns Out That 3D Printing Can Even Be Used to Make the Perfect Spring

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions1 day ago
Share on TumblrI really don’t know if I could find a dryer subject to write about than industrial springs. At least a subject that sounded dryer, because when I actually ...

Make life easier with clever 3D printed life hacks

favicon 3ders.org
5 mentions3 days ago
Feb 10, 2016 | By Alec Despite all its making potential, desktop 3D printers have a reputation of being nothing more than toys. Only suitable for creating desktop clutter. To ...

Singapore Technologies Aerospace adopts 3D printing to design VIP aircraft interiors

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions15 hours ago
Feb 13, 2016 | By Kira Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace), which provides aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul for commercial and military aircraft, has today opened a new VIP Aircraft ...

Autodesk & Mattel Release New $299 3D Printer for Families

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions23 hours ago
In April of last year, Autodesk first announced its partnership with legendary toy manufacturer Mattel, saying that they would be powering the toy company’s design apps.We are now seeing the ...

Atomic Method

favicon Ultimaker.com
2 mentions2 days ago
After a longer time of using your Ultimaker 2 you might notice some signs of “under extrusion”. This means that your Ultimaker 2 can’t extrude enough plastic and is usually ...

Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3D printing

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions8 hours ago
Feb 12, 2016 | By Kira What is the future of metal additive manufacturing? Currently one of the fastest growing segments within the industrial 3D printing market, metal 3D printing ...

Graduates with Design, Engineering & 3D Printing Skills Will Have Advantage in Job Market

favicon 3DPrint.com
6 mentions2 days ago
Share on Tumblr Ah, the age-old question put to children by adults who often don’t know what else to ask: “What do you want to be when you grow up,

Hands On With The 3Doodler Start, A $39 Kid-Friendly 3D-Printing Pen

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions9 hours ago
It’s hard to believe, but 3Doodler launched the popular Kickstarter for its first plastic-extruding pen almost three years ago. Now, the company is back with the 3Doodler Start, a kid-friendly ...

Manufacturing the Future

favicon YouTube
3 mentions4 days ago
Find out why 3D Systems 11K Loading... Working... 4,433 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in Loading... Loading... The ...

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