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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

favicon Shapeways.com
3 mentions10 minutes ago
We're sorry to inform you that we no longer support this browser and can't confirm that everything will work as expected. For the best Shapeways experience, please use one of ...

Uvero 3D printed earbuds by MIT-spawned Lantos are made to fit your ear perfectly

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions4 hours ago
It’s a bit of a strange development: we can now buy incredibly high quality stereo earbuds that sound fantastic, but still fit your ear as badly as they did then ...


favicon Inside 3D Printing
4 mentions3 days ago
Event cancellation policy: Inside 3D Printing tickets are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your registration to another person by notifying MecklerMedia by email by September 15. For transfers or any ...

3D Printed Vascular Model Helps Surgeons Cure Brain Aneurysm

favicon YouTube
2 mentions2 days ago
The Jacobs Institute (JI), working alongside physicians at Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute and biomedical engineers at the University at Buffalo, teamed up with Stratasys to design a revolutionary new ...

This 3-D Printed Haiku Is Invisible Until You Put It In Water

favicon Co.Design
2 mentions17 hours ago
Inspired by the shadows created by water striders, Drzach & Suchy have figured out a way to "paint" words in water shadows. Water striders are a family of insects that ...

Branch Technology's 3D printed movable panel system mimics topology of Southern Tennessee

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions23 hours ago
Design enthusiasts and committed followers of 3Ders will be familiar with the work of Branch Technology. Earlier this fall, the ambitious design company unveiled its “TN-01” sculpture, America’s tallest 3D ...

The Many Arms of the Materialise Group

favicon Fabbaloo
5 mentions5 hours ago
You may have heard of Materialise, a Belgian company providing 3D print services. But did you know they operate a number of specialized subsidiaries? At the core of any company,

San Diego: MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Conference & Expo Features Over 80 Speakers, Including Mayor Kevin Faulconer

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions3 hours ago
If you are interested in learning more about robotics, MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Conference & Expo is the place to be. Robotics, a complementary and increasingly convergent cousin to 3D printing, is ...

Hell Skull by Sculptor

favicon thingiverse.com
2 mentions2 days ago
A skull with horns. An anatomy exercise that turned into something else. Modelled/sculpted from scratch and not based on an existing skull (or horn for that matter). Printable without support.

Brain Power: 3-D Printing Is a New Tool for Thinking

favicon WIRED
4 mentions13 hours ago
Ed Smith does some fiendishly difficult surgeries. A pediatric neurosurgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital, he often removes tumors and blood vessels that have grown in gnarled, tangled shapes. “It’s really ...

RPES Blog: A Review: Frankfurt for Formnext

favicon blog.rp-editorialservices.co.uk
3 mentions6 hours ago
The RPES Blog focuses predominantly on Additive Technologies and 3D Printing.

3D printed Beest hand cranked power generator is capable of generating 30 watts of power

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions4 hours ago
As serious hobbyists will tell you, 3D printing riddled with hidden costs, and I’m not just talking about the filament that always seems to run out. Your power bills also ...

3Doodler EDU Team Uses LEGOs to Teach STEM Lessons

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions4 hours ago
If you are American and were stopped on the street and randomly asked, “What do you think the most popular educational toy is of all time?” there’s a high likelihood ...

South Korea’s Gyeonggi Innovation Center Supports Multiple Startups with Capital, Networking and an Impressive 3D Printing Lab

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions20 hours ago
Pangyo Techno Valley is South Korea’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley. It’s where the newest technology is studied, tested, incubated, and finally released into the world. The newest addition to ...

Help This Teacher 3D Print Assistive Fitness Equipment for Disabled Children

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions2 days ago
Despite not being an engineer, Kabes felt that he had no choice but to try and build something that could help engage his special needs students in more physical activity ...

Joaquin Baldwin 3D Printed Designs by joabaldwin

favicon Shapeways.com
3 mentions2 days ago
You design amazing products, we'll help you reach a global market. Start selling today. We're sorry to inform you that we no longer support this browser and can't confirm that ...

The CraftBot PLUS 3D Printer

favicon Fabbaloo
4 mentions2 days ago
Looking for a very inexpensive 3D printer that works? You might consider the CraftBot PLUS by CraftUnique. Hungary-based CraftBot offers their second-gem desktop 3D printer, the CraftBot PLUS for USD$1,099.

3D printed 'Drinkable Book' turns dirty water clean for millions

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions2 hours ago
While 3D printing is increasingly being discovered as a fantastic tool to help the needy in developing countries, for instance through 3D printed homes and agricultural tools, charity organization Water ...

3D printing, laser scanning becoming more popular at Lima-area automotive companies

favicon LimaOhio.com
4 mentions1 hour ago
A Ford employee works with with a 3D-printed part. Ford makes the parts to represent production components, according to the company. LIMA — Conceptualizing a car or tank part and ...

Delcam’s PowerMILL chosen for new additive/subtractive service from Star Prototype

favicon Control Engineering Asia
2 mentions8 hours ago
Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM software has been chosen for a new service from Star Prototype that combines additive and subtractive manufacturing. The new service, which Star Prototype calls AddSub Manufacturing, combines ...

Cheat Sheet: CNC and 3D Printing Software Terms

favicon Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts a...
4 mentions12 hours ago
With the rapid expansion of hobbyist-class digital fabrication equipment and the always-plummeting price points, new enthusiasts step into a world of acronyms, software packages, and terms to master. Here’s a ...

Kai Parthy develops low-bondage warp index for 3D printing filaments

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions51 minutes ago
Warping is one of the most frustrating yet common issues when it comes 3D printing with plastic filaments, particularly when using ABS. You’ve calibrated your starting Z height, cleaned your ...


favicon RoboUniverse Conference & Expo
2 mentions5 days ago

What are the legal aspects of 3D printing? A European law firm weighs in.

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions6 hours ago
3D printed guns and firearms have once again become a hot-button issue within the 3D printing industry, as the world’s first 3D printed revolver has just come to light while ...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 3D Printer Deals

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions3 days ago
Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, yet for many, all that means is that tomorrow is Black Friday, the unofficial holiday that celebrates impulse buying and shop-till-you-drop mentality, with ...

Twisted Stuff

favicon 7 strange geometric objects created in DesignSpark...
2 mentions3 days ago
Mostly that is the case, but you can do some artsy-fartsy stuff if you know how to use some of its lesser used tools. I've printed out a few of ...

Greensboro library system adds new dimension with 3D printer

favicon Greensboro News & Record
2 mentions14 hours ago
GREENSBORO — From chess pieces to working prosthetic limbs, a 3D printer adds another dimension to what libraries offer. And the new Glenn McNairy branch of the Greensboro Public Library ...

3D Technology Helping Patients & Doctors

favicon WTVC
2 mentions14 hours ago
Instead of looking at a grey-scaled CT or CAT scan, certain patients at Erlanger hospital can now hold a to-scale model of their infected organ(s). This is thanks to a ...

EOS and Williams Engineering bring 3D printing to Formula One and beyond

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions3 days ago
Additive Manufacturing system manufacturer EOS has entered into a three-year technical partnership with Williams Grand Prix Engineering and Williams Advanced Engineering to provide Williams with direct and high-level additive manufacturing ...

2016 Best 3D Printer Guide

favicon 3D Hubs
2 mentions19 hours ago
Which 3D Printer should I buy? is one of the most common questions we get asked at 3D Hubs. To answer this, we reached out to our global community of ...

New horizons in 3D printing

favicon Telegraph.co.uk
2 mentions5 hours ago
November 5 marked a milestone in aviation history when Rolls-Royce completed the first test flight of the largest aero-engine components ever to be 3D-printed. 3D printing – or additive layer ...

Branch Technology 3D Prints a “Backdrop for Innovation” for Chattanooga’s Enterprise Center

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions2 days ago
Last July, Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Branch Technology went public with their technology and products, which include full-sized 3D printed walls and other furniture pieces that were created using the world’s largest ...

3D Printing Helps Restore 1,000-Year-Old Doors on a Historic Japanese Buddhist Temple

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions3 days ago
As a registered Japanese National Treasure and World Heritage Site, the Buddhist temple near Kyoto called Byōdō-in is one of Japan’s most important historical sites, and even appears on the ...

Disney Research: 3D printing robots from scratch (Wired UK)

favicon Wired UK
3 mentions35 minutes ago
A new tool developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University could let you 3D print your very own walking robot. "Progress in rapid manufacturing technology is making it easier ...

This Instructable Converts MRI Scans to 3D Printable CAD Models to Improve Cancer Treatment

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions2 days ago
We hear a lot here in 3D printing news about the great strides the technology has made in the medical field. I have personally written more than a handful of ...

Will 3D Printing Kill the Monster Truck Star?

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions2 days ago
I’ve heard a lot of industries warn of the impending death of their businesses with the arrival of 3D printing technology. But most of the time the complaining companies aren’t ...

Open-Source Agriculture: FarmBot- Postscapes

favicon Postscapes
2 mentions2 days ago
From cash-crop farmers to planter-box gardeners, people who choose to grow their own food tend to be fairly committed to the do-it-yourself mentality. The Internet of Things offers plenty of ...

Handbag Designer Rebecca Minkoff and Normal Collaborate on 3D Printed 14k Rose Gold Earbuds

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions9 hours ago
For a technology as diverse and adaptable as 3D printing it seems that the fashion industry doesn’t utilize it nearly often enough. While there are some designers who wholly embrace ...

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Will Feature a Bunch of New 3D Printing Upgrades

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions8 hours ago
Last week Dassault Systèmes released all of the details for what they have in store for their popular SOLIDWORKS CAD and CAE program for 2016. As Dassault Systèmes’ most popular ...

500g 6-Colour ABS 3D Printer Filament Starter Pack - 1.75mm Diameter

favicon Sprint Ink
2 mentions1 day ago
To get the latest offers on printer ink and toner cartridge, sign up to our newsletter This website uses cookies to function correctly, to read more please view our Cookie ...

Colorilab Looking to Give 3D Printers a True Color Palette

favicon 3D Printing Industry
6 mentions3 days ago
Exclusive Interview: Stratasys’ Consolidated Solution Fills the Gaps of Future 3D Printing Factories 3D Printed Plastic Car Jack Launches Hans Fouche’s New Cheetah 2 3D Printer on the Market XYZprinting ...

New brain surgery trick: Practice on a 3-D model

favicon CNBC
2 mentions50 minutes ago
"We're starting to see more and more in community hospitals," Gaisford said. But Gaisford said that as of yet, "I'm not aware of any other hospital that is using this ...

Possible Problem: 3D Printing Cloud Services vs Print Speed

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions3 days ago
There are several cloud-based 3D print services available, but we realized there could be a fundamental problem facing them in the future. 3D print cloud services can be incredibly useful.

How the maker movement inspires every student to love learning

favicon eSchool News
2 mentions4 days ago
You know the maker movement has hit the big leagues when even the President is talking about it. Earlier this year, for the National Week of Making, President Obama issued ...

3D and 4D Printing Will Allow Clothing and Consumer Products to Think For Us

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions3 days ago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is widely considered the epicenter of the world’s technological innovation, and nothing is more on the forefront of the future than the MIT Media Lab. At ...

3D Printing Sensors onto Aerospace Components

favicon Fabbaloo
3 mentions1 day ago
Maintaining jet aircraft is costly and time-consuming, but a new method for printing sensors onto aerospace components could help optimize that process. Optomec aerosol jet technology has enabled Swansea University ...

South Korean air force incorporates 3D printed metal parts into fighter jet engines

favicon 3ders.org
6 mentions16 hours ago
Over the past few years, the military branches of various nations have been slowly adopting metal 3D printing technology as a cost-effective solution to quickly manufacture a wide range of ...

Fabulous 3D Printing Filament

favicon ColorFabb
2 mentions17 hours ago
JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Like you we love making things with ...

C.H.I.P. vs Pi Zero: Which Cheap Computer is Better?

favicon Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts a...
2 mentions2 days ago
Now that there are two capable, sub-$10 computers for Makers — the $5 Pi Zero and the $9 C.H.I.P. — the debate will rage online over which board is faster,

3D printing pioneer Joris Laarman opens first major solo show at Groninger Museum

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions2 days ago
Certainly one of the most influential and prominent 3D printing designers, inventors, artists and pioneers, Joris Laarman has this week opened his first ever major solo show at the Groninger ...

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