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iMakr has officially touched down in France

favicon 3D Printing Industry
5 mentions2 hours ago
Opening its headquarters in London’s design district in mid-2013 and a subsequent flagship store in New York City in 2014, leading independent 3D printing store iMakr is certainly to making ...

3D printed mammoth

favicon 3D Printing Industry
4 mentions23 hours ago
We all know about the power of DNA, and expect that in the future, scientists will be able to clone extinct animals, like the sabre tooth tiger. But currently, science ...

Graphene 3D appoints new members

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions1 day ago
Graphene 3D Lab Inc. is pleased to announce the appointments of Robert Scott as the new Chief Financial Officer and Jeffrey Dare as the new Corporate Secretary. Robert Scott brings ...

Venus Box by Prot0typ1cal

favicon thingiverse.com
3 mentions5 hours ago
27710Views 5930Downloads Found in Mechanical Toys Report Thing Original design as a challenge to develop a unique opening box. When done, resembled one of Bender's eyes. A co-worker said it ...

Australian University adds 3D printing to its curriculum

favicon 3D Printing Industry
5 mentions2 days ago
Australia’s University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has announced an exciting new addition to its archeology curriculum. With the help of Ellipsis Media, the university’s Print Services business unit, archeology students ...

nGen is a true all-round material suitable for most day to day 3D printing activities.

favicon nGen
2 mentions4 hours ago
Heat resistance 85C | 17 colors | 220C-240C processing temperature nGen is a true all-round material suitable for most day to day 3D printing activities. At the core of its ...

SmarTech report predicts the future of 3D printing

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions2 days ago
If you’re a part of the 3D printing industry, then you need to know where this modern manufacturing miracle is going. You need SmarTech’s latest report, industry analysis and 10 ...

Print your own triple-axis tourbillon (trust me, it’ll be cool)

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions10 hours ago
In the world of horology there are few things fancier than the tourbillion and there are few things extra fancier than a triple-axis model. Originally invented by Abraham Louis Breguet,

Italian students build vending machine that turns recycled plastic into 3D printed smartphone cases

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions6 hours ago
Jul 26, 2016 | By Alec Recycling: is there anyone who principally opposes it? No, of course not. Everyone believes that recycling is a good thing, and yet most of ...

Daimler keeps on trucking with 3D printing

favicon 3D Printing Industry
7 mentions5 hours ago
The world’s largest manufacturer of trucks has turned to 3D printing to produce spare parts for its vast range of trucks. Daimler has joined the likes of Audi and BMW,

America Makes announces additive manufacturing project winners

favicon TCT Magazine
5 mentions5 hours ago
America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute has announced the seven recipients of its latest additive manufacturing (AM) Project Call.The project driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing ...

Is the revolution here?

favicon TCT Magazine
2 mentions12 hours ago
David Burns is the Principal and Founder of Global Business Advisory Services LLC, an international advising firm specialising in the field of manufacturing technologies. With more than 35 years of ...

Industry 4.0: Watch Keynote on the Role of 3D Printing

favicon Stratasys Blog
4 mentions3 hours ago
The recent IN(3D)USTRY event in Barcelona brought together industry users, manufacturers and service providers to discuss 3D printing’s role in building more efficient, value-added manufacturing processes. Speaking on behalf of ...

Todd Grimm Column: The Million Dollar Question

favicon TCT Magazine
2 mentions11 hours ago
As the TCT team has reported, RAPID 2016 was home to many interesting and exciting product announcements. HP provided the long-awaited launch of its Jet Fusion systems, Carbon demonstrated its ...

LCCC Fab Lab to host national symposium

favicon The Telegraph
2 mentions1 day ago
EDWARDSVILLE — A national symposium on science, technology and mathematics will be held at Lewis and Clark Community College’s fabrication lab next year, the college recently announced. The St. Louis ...

New Tricks

favicon TCT Magazine
3 mentions10 hours ago
It’s fair to suggest that recent developments in resin-based 3D printing had some industry experts at least contemplate, EnvisionTEC’s standing in the upper echelons of 3D printing manufacturer royalty. Many ...

Injured Endangered Penguin Walks Again With 3D Printed Boot

favicon 3D Systems
2 mentions10 hours ago
Despite their tuxedoed appearance, penguins aren’t always well mannered. In the aftermath of one particular penguin scuffle among endangered African Penguins at Mystic Aquarium, Yellow/Purple (AKA “Purps”) was found to ...

The Future of Concrete Printing with Imprimere AG

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions2 days ago
There is a growing popularity in 3D printed concrete forms in recent years, which has many people waiting for an age of 3D printed houses and buildings, as well as ...

Nano Dimension: Factories in a box & 3D printing electronics

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions3 days ago
I spoke with Simon Fried, CBO and Co-Founder of Nano Dimension, about 3D printing electronics, nano-technology and how to raise money for 3D printing ventures. Founded in 2012, the Israeli ...

Never miss another Pokemon with this sniper sight

favicon 3D Printing Industry
4 mentions3 days ago
A 3D printed case can turn your iPhone into a Pokemon sniper rifle that simply does not miss. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know about Pokemon ...

Advances in 3D Printing Prosthetics Will Change Lives

favicon 3D Printing Industry
4 mentions3 days ago
3D printing prosthetics is changing the way those born with missing limbs or who have lost them due to accident, illness or war live their lives. The technology is in ...

Shapeways Supports EU Net Neutrality

favicon Shapeways.com
2 mentions1 day ago
Shapeways has long been a supporter of Net Neutrality, so we were happy to be able to join a letter from the European startup community in favor of strong open ...

Police 3D-printed a murder victim's finger to unlock his phone

favicon The Verge
7 mentions4 hours ago
Police in Michigan have a new tool for unlocking phones: 3D printing. According to a new report from Flash Forward creator Rose Eveleth, law enforcement officers approached professors at the ...

Arcam Releases 2015Q1-2 Results: Mixed Results

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions7 hours ago
Sweden-based Arcam, maker of powerful metal 3D printing gear, released interim financial results for the first half of the year, and there’s good and bad news.Arcam is one of the ...

Microsoft and i.materialise launch integrated 3D printing solution for Windows 10 users

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions6 hours ago
Jul 26, 2016 | By Tess Two months ago, Belgian 3D printing company Materialise announced an exciting partnership with the Microsoft Corporation that aimed to make 3D printing and 3D ...

Please Make It Stop: “3D printers are never going to be a thing”

favicon Fabbaloo
3 mentions15 hours ago
A piece yesterday in Mashable made myself and no doubt many others in the 3D print world upset.The piece, entitled, “3D printers are never going to be a thing”, explained ...

Rize introduces zero post processing desktop 3D printer, Rize One

favicon TCT Magazine
4 mentions2 days ago
After several years in stealth mode and a few sneak preview appearances at recent trade events in the U.S., Rize Inc., has officially announced the launch of its first zero ...

3D printing: helping the US blow stuff up

favicon 3D Printing Industry
5 mentions3 days ago
It isn’t just planes, trains and automobiles that work more effectively when they’re lighter, stronger and 3D printed. Now the US Missile Defense Agency has turned to ExOne to create ...

BRB while we build this 3D printable Split Flap Display for three-letter texting abbreviations

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions16 hours ago
Jul 23, 2016 | By Benedict Jonathan Odom, a designer at the Instructables Design Studio, has created a 3D printable Split Flap Display which can be used to communicate three-letter ...

Bolton Works Jumpstarts Formula SAE Racecar with Geomagic Software

favicon YouTube
3 mentions1 day ago
Find out why Loading... The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please ...

Getting Started With 3D Printing in the Classroom

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions5 hours ago
3D printing is a low-cost approach to learning perfectly suited for classrooms. A 3D printer is a powerful and versatile tool to have as its use inspires planning, design, testing ...

GE & Textron Aviation Announce Next Generation Cessna Denali, Featuring 3D Printed Engine

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions2 hours ago
We’ve been following GE in a zigzag around the map as they’ve opened facilities from a smart factory in Chakan, India to their latest $40 million Center for Additive Technology ...

Future House: 3-D Printed and Ready to Fly

favicon nytimes.com
3 mentions11 hours ago
He hopes his 3-D printing construction method, which he calls Contour Crafting, will create a way to build homes for a fraction of the current cost. While he can’t do ...

Can You 3D Print a Superconductor?

favicon Fabbaloo
3 mentions16 hours ago
Selective laser melting process in action. Credit: Tim Sercombe/University of Western AustraliaResearchers have been investigating whether it’s possible to 3D print an object that acts as a superconductor.Superconductors are unusual ...

China Develops New Metal 3D Printing Technology, Combining Old and New Manufacturing Techniques

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions13 hours ago
There have been a lot of interesting developments in additive manufacturing coming out of China recently – in the areas of architecture, in space travel, in medicine, and even in ...

3D-printing startup creates organ replicas using MRI data to help train surgeons

favicon Digital Trends
3 mentions2 hours ago
Even if we’re not yet at the point of 3D printing full biological organs that can used in surgery, the subject of 3D bioprinting is regularly in the news. But ...

World Champion Sprinter Refines Technique to Beat Her Own Time; Nike Refines Running Shoes in 3D Print

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions7 hours ago
Founded in 1964, it would seem that over the years Nike has only continued to pick up the momentum in a fierce market driven by constant customer demand and sports ...

3D animation breakthrough by Disney enables realistic 3D eye reconstruction from a single photo

favicon 3ders.org
6 mentions6 hours ago
Jul 24, 2016 | By Alec Over the past few months, Disney has been working very hard to make 3D printing suitable for the production of toys and merchandise – ...

Design of the Week: Two Green Foxes

favicon Fabbaloo
4 mentions2 days ago
This week’s selection is the Two Green Foxes project by Nicholas Syiu and Alina Wong.Their project is artistic - and sentimental. It turns out the pair both attended the University ...

GE’s Christine Furstoss: Cohesive 3D Printing Ecosystem Must Exist Before There is a True Manufacturing Revolution

favicon 3DPrint.com
6 mentions11 hours ago
Many are still waiting for the advent of a desktop 3D printer in every home—as ubiquitous as the PC or the kitchen stove—and the common practice of simply fabricating virtually ...

The Push and Go Steady - SolidSmack

favicon SolidSmack
2 mentions9 hours ago
This week’s Spotify-powered SolidSmack Radio Playlist knocks you in the pop sockets with head-boppin’ groove tuneage to help propel you through the work week in style. Whether you find yourself ...

Model of the Week: Ghost in the Shell Hexapod Tank [Gheeee!!]

favicon SolidSmack
2 mentions10 hours ago
I think we can all tear open a bag of chips, pour some Saki and agree that, next to Akira, Ghost in the Shell (GITS) is the absolute best of ...

10 Tips for Good Product Design

favicon Cad Crowd
2 mentions3 hours ago
Product design is a lot like art. Creativity and vision come together to produce something new, something attractive, something bold. But product designers have a different set of challenges than ...

Making of Anomalisa

favicon YouTube
2 mentions3 days ago
Find out why CGMeetup SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe51,41651K Loading... Loading... Working... 6,713 60 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in 61 1 Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in ...

3DPrinterOS Announces Integrations With Most Popular CAD Design Tools, Further Simplifying Workflow

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions10 hours ago
Just recently, 3DPrinterOS completed a transfer to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to accommodate their rapidly expanding user base. The young company, which fully launched only a little over a ...

The Rize Team: The Myth, The Legend, The Reality

favicon Rize - Industrial 3D Printer
2 mentions2 hours ago
When 3D printer companies talk about what sets them apart from their competitors, they almost always talk about things like features, materials, software or their technical process. We talk about ...

In the Eyes of the Animal: Viewers Don Grass-Covered Virtual Reality Headset Pods, Frolic as British Bats & More

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions11 hours ago
Last year, we had a week of thunderstorms nearly every day. It was breezy and dramatic, and I took to opening the front door for hours during the day, and ...

Mcor Engineers Enhancing ARKe 3D Printer Further Before Shipping: More Software, Strength & Color

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions2 days ago
While we write about many companies within the 3D space that enter the industry with one quality printer and go on to great success with users, it’s quite fulfilling to ...

Medical Makers Come Together with 3D Printing Workshops & Presentations at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Led by ProgressTH

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions1 day ago
“The future is what we make of it, so let’s start making it”–ProgressTH Those who enter the medical profession are often drawn to the field due to a proclivity and ...

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing Team Up for the Production of the World's First AI-Engineered Car

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions2 hours ago
By this point, almost everyone knows that self-driving cars aren’t far from being commonplace, as multiple auto manufacturers have designed and even begun testing vehicles equipped with intelligent driving technology.

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