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Slow and Stead Wins the Race

favicon TCT - 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Prod...
3 mentions4 hours ago
Much has been made of the poor financial results of the consumer arms of the industry’s biggest companies, some doomsayers suggest that there just isn’t a market out there for ...

Kinect now easy 3D printing tool with release of 3D Scan app for Windows 8.1 and 10

favicon 3ders.org
5 mentions3 hours ago
Over the past few years, Microsoft has been increasingly trying to get into the 3D printing market with a number of interesting software solutions that are especially suitable for beginning ...

Additive Industries sign license agreement with EOS

favicon TCT - 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Prod...
2 mentions6 hours ago
formnext powered by tct was a hive of activity in terms of launches of new metal 3D printing machinery; there were new launches by established players like EOS, Concept Laser,

3D Hubs Marvin

favicon Wireframe by 3DHubs
3 mentions23 hours ago
This is Marvin printed in Strong & Flexibel Nylon using SLS technology. Find out more: http://3dhubs.com/sls This Thing has a suggested designer tip of $0.00 Final pricing will be calculated ...

3D printing a big part in helping the Guitar Triller reach its campaign goal

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions6 hours ago
Throughout the greater part of the 20th century and onward into today, guitar music has been a driving force in popular culture and beyond. Whether its heavy or soft or ...

San Diego: MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Conference & Expo Features Over 80 Speakers, Including Mayor Kevin Faulconer

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions19 hours ago
If you are interested in learning more about robotics, MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Conference & Expo is the place to be. Robotics, a complementary and increasingly convergent cousin to 3D printing, is ...

3D Technology Helping Patients & Doctors

favicon WTVC
3 mentions1 hour ago
Instead of looking at a grey-scaled CT or CAT scan, certain patients at Erlanger hospital can now hold a to-scale model of their infected organ(s). This is thanks to a ...

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

favicon Shapeways.com
3 mentions24 hours ago
We're sorry to inform you that we no longer support this browser and can't confirm that everything will work as expected. For the best Shapeways experience, please use one of ...

New 3D printed, energy absorbing material could help make football helmets safer

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions5 hours ago
Researchers at Purdue University have teamed up with General Motors to develop a new kind of 3D printed, energy absorbing material. The material could have a range of applications, from ...

South Korea’s Gyeonggi Innovation Center Supports Multiple Startups with Capital, Networking and an Impressive 3D Printing Lab

favicon 3DPrint.com
5 mentions14 hours ago
Pangyo Techno Valley is South Korea’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley. It’s where the newest technology is studied, tested, incubated, and finally released into the world. The newest addition to ...

A Clever 3D Printer Fixes Printing Mistakes Instead of Starting Again From Scratch

favicon Gizmodo
3 mentions40 minutes ago
The advent of 3D printing completely revolutionized the prototyping stage of designing a new product. But while turnaround times for revisions or changes are now much faster with a 3D ...

OpenRC Project Debuts new 2015 OpenRC F1 Car on Pinshape

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions3 hours ago
When industrial designer and engineer Daniel Norée launched the OpenRC project back in 2012 the intent was to show how useful 3D printing technology could be to RC hobbyists. His ...

Design of the Week: 3D Printed Cat Armor

favicon Fabbaloo
3 mentions21 hours ago
This week’s selection is the startling and possibly functional 3D Printed Cat Armor, by designer J Wall. Tennessee-based J Wall describes himself as a novice 3D designer, but you wouldn’t ...

The Poetry Infinity from IRA3D

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions6 hours ago
Italian startup IRA3D offers a very interesting desktop 3D printer option: the Poetry Infinity. With some 3D printer manufacturers focusing on the low end, the Poetry Infinity seems to take ...

Uvero 3D printed earbuds by MIT-spawned Lantos are made to fit your ear perfectly

favicon 3ders.org
4 mentions1 day ago
It’s a bit of a strange development: we can now buy incredibly high quality stereo earbuds that sound fantastic, but still fit your ear as badly as they did then ...


favicon Inside 3D Printing
4 mentions4 days ago
Event cancellation policy: Inside 3D Printing tickets are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your registration to another person by notifying MecklerMedia by email by September 15. For transfers or any ...

A Peek at the Viridis3D RAM260 3D Printer

favicon Fabbaloo
2 mentions17 hours ago
Viridis3D is developing the RAM260, a different kind of 3D industrial printer that can quickly make sand molds and cores. What makes it so different? The first clue is in ...

Feel Confident & Comfortable with 3D Printed, Custom-Fitted 'Mesh Lingerie'

favicon 3D Printing Industry
5 mentions15 hours ago
Exclusive Interview: Stratasys’ Consolidated Solution Fills the Gaps of Future 3D Printing Factories 3D Printed Plastic Car Jack Launches Hans Fouche’s New Cheetah 2 3D Printer on the Market XYZprinting ...

Exclusive Interview: Wim Michiels, CEO of Materialise Malaysia, Discusses the 3D Printing Market in Asia, Inside 3D Printing Mumbai

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions12 hours ago
There is no denying the global nature of the third industrial revolution, as additive manufacturing is sweeping the globe. As we gear up for India’s very first Inside 3D Printing ...

Aleph Objects Partners with colorFabb: LulzBot Users Look Forward to Four New Filaments

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions55 minutes ago
Loveland, Colorado’s Aleph Objects, Inc. is undeniably a leader within the 3D printing industry, but they have retained their ideals, integrity, and dedication to users. I’m a big fan. And ...

Get 3D Printable Architectural Models Using Materialise’s Magics Software

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions2 hours ago
I grew up in Middle America watching The Brady Bunch. Yes, it’s true. And besides all that the show taught me about growing up in a multiple-sibling household, The Brady ...

Keytech's Best 3D Printing Filament Is the One They'll Make Just for You

favicon 3D Printing Industry
3 mentions3 hours ago
Exclusive Interview: Stratasys’ Consolidated Solution Fills the Gaps of Future 3D Printing Factories 3D Printed Plastic Car Jack Launches Hans Fouche’s New Cheetah 2 3D Printer on the Market XYZprinting ...

2016 Best 3D Printer Guide

favicon 3D Hubs
4 mentions4 hours ago
Which 3D Printer should I buy? is one of the most common questions we get asked at 3D Hubs. To answer this, we reached out to our global community of ...

3D FilaPrint

favicon 3D FilaPrint
2 mentions44 minutes ago
We operate a FREE delivery service on all our products, if you live within the United Kingdom.Order just two spools or more before 12 noon and receive them the very ...

University of Wollongong is Offering a Free Online Course in 3D Bioprinting

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions16 hours ago
Of all the things that 3D printing is capable of, bioprinting is possibly the most incredible. It’s one thing to be able to print perfectly accurate replicas of individual organs,

Water Bugs in Japan: Designers are Inspired to Make 3D Printed Haiku, Visible Only in Water

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions17 hours ago
For years I lived on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, on a tiny island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. My drive to work was so mesmerizing in ...

Portable 3D Printer Kits Available at $219 for One More Day

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions20 hours ago
As 3D printing technology has steamrolled ahead, making impacts in nearly every sector of industry and corner of the globe too, naysayers have been forced to back down on their ...

3D Printed Vascular Model Helps Surgeons Cure Brain Aneurysm

favicon YouTube
2 mentions3 days ago
The Jacobs Institute (JI), working alongside physicians at Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute and biomedical engineers at the University at Buffalo, teamed up with Stratasys to design a revolutionary new ...

ROKIT Inc. Announces the Release of Two New Non-Toxic 3D Printer Filaments

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions19 hours ago
Despite all the benefits that 3D printing provides, there are risks associated with the technology, particularly when printing with plastic. Plastic in general has never been known as the healthiest ...

This 3-D Printed Haiku Is Invisible Until You Put It In Water

favicon Co.Design
2 mentions2 days ago
Inspired by the shadows created by water striders, Drzach & Suchy have figured out a way to "paint" words in water shadows. Water striders are a family of insects that ...

Branch Technology's 3D printed movable panel system mimics topology of Southern Tennessee

favicon 3ders.org
2 mentions2 days ago
Design enthusiasts and committed followers of 3Ders will be familiar with the work of Branch Technology. Earlier this fall, the ambitious design company unveiled its “TN-01” sculpture, America’s tallest 3D ...

3D Software Education: AiTLE, Makers Empire & DTSL Help Students Break Guinness World Record

favicon 3DPrint.com
3 mentions22 hours ago
As 3D printing technology progresses further and further, making significant impacts in sectors from medical to manufacturing–and many, many in between–it’s been pointed out repeatedly that one of the hurdles ...

3D Printed Makies Don Disney Apparel

favicon 3D Printing Industry
2 mentions2 hours ago
Exclusive Interview: Stratasys’ Consolidated Solution Fills the Gaps of Future 3D Printing Factories 3D Printed Plastic Car Jack Launches Hans Fouche’s New Cheetah 2 3D Printer on the Market XYZprinting ...

3D Printed Models Help Doctors to Treat Brain Tumors–and Patients to Understand Them

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions15 hours ago
The brain is perhaps the most complicated bodily organ to conduct surgery on, because of both how dense the tissue is and how uniquely formed each individual’s brain is. Also,

New 3D Shape Model Shows the Rosetta Comet in Unprecedented Detail

favicon Gizmodo
2 mentions4 hours ago
The ESA has released a new 3D shape model of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This model integrates the latest images taken by the Rosetta spacecraft, and includes previously unknown features. It can ...

The Many Arms of the Materialise Group

favicon Fabbaloo
5 mentions1 day ago
You may have heard of Materialise, a Belgian company providing 3D print services. But did you know they operate a number of specialized subsidiaries? At the core of any company,

Hell Skull by Sculptor

favicon thingiverse.com
2 mentions3 days ago
A skull with horns. An anatomy exercise that turned into something else. Modelled/sculpted from scratch and not based on an existing skull (or horn for that matter). Printable without support.

3D Printing and Other Technology Will Help Dubai Become the Cleanest City in the World

favicon 3DPrint.com
4 mentions2 hours ago
Here in the United States, climate change is a seriously divisive issue among politicians. Some claim it doesn’t exist, or that it exists but has nothing to do with human ...

Brain Power: 3-D Printing Is a New Tool for Thinking

favicon WIRED
5 mentions17 hours ago
Ed Smith does some fiendishly difficult surgeries. A pediatric neurosurgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital, he often removes tumors and blood vessels that have grown in gnarled, tangled shapes. “It’s really ...

Stratasys Introduces New Medical Solutions Group to Meet Growing Demands

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions21 hours ago
As many who follow 3D printing technology already know, its medical applications are more and more in demand, rendering the medical sector one of the technology’s more exciting and promising ...

RPES Blog: A Review: Frankfurt for Formnext

favicon blog.rp-editorialservices.co.uk
3 mentions1 day ago
The RPES Blog focuses predominantly on Additive Technologies and 3D Printing.

Doctors Could 3D-Print Micro-Organs with New Technique

favicon LiveScience.com
3 mentions33 minutes ago
Gone are the days when 3D printers merely built plastic trinkets — scientists say 3D-printed structures loaded with embryonic stem cells could one day help doctors print out micro-organs for ...

Top 10 3D Printed Christmas Decoration Ideas

favicon 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise
3 mentions23 hours ago
Are you looking for ways to bring 3D printing into your Christmas celebrations? Then look no further. In this article we will show you the top 10 3D printed Christmas ...

17 Simple IKEA Hacks You Can Make with a 3D Printer

favicon All3DP
3 mentions7 hours ago
You love IKEA. We love IKEA. Everybody loves IKEA. Using a 3D printer, these IKEA Hacks will instantly upgrade the furniture in your home. Somewhere on the magical electronic interwebs,

New Balance Taps 3D Systems To Develop 3D-Printed Midsoles In Running Shoes

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions2 hours ago
Because tech is taking over the world, New Balance has decided to jump on the band wagon with the announcement of forthcoming 3D-printed running shoes. The kicks won’t be entirely ...

3D printed Beest hand cranked power generator is capable of generating 30 watts of power

favicon 3ders.org
3 mentions1 day ago
As serious hobbyists will tell you, 3D printing riddled with hidden costs, and I’m not just talking about the filament that always seems to run out. Your power bills also ...

Rock Star of a Student 3D Prints His Own Electric Guitar

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions22 hours ago
Some days, I still regret that I’m not a rock star. That’s a normal regret, right? When I was in college, I tried to learn how to play the guitar.

Autodesk encourages 3D printing

favicon http://www.bangkokpost.com
2 mentions7 hours ago
The government should encourage industries to shift from conventional manufacturing methods to digital manufacturing technologies to create value by improving operational effectiveness and product innovation, says Autodesk Inc. "Embracing industrial ...

Maker Faire Robot Action Figure (Single file) by LeFabShop

favicon thingiverse.com
2 mentions6 hours ago
le FabShop organises the first PARIS MAKER FAIRE (June 21st and 22nd). http://www.makerfaireparis.com/ To celebrate that, our creative director, Samuel N. Bernier, designed a very clever and cute version of ...

3Doodler EDU Team Uses LEGOs to Teach STEM Lessons

favicon 3DPrint.com
2 mentions1 day ago
If you are American and were stopped on the street and randomly asked, “What do you think the most popular educational toy is of all time?” there’s a high likelihood ...

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