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Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars

favicon the Guardian
7 mentions5 hours ago
The spectre of our cities choking with unhealthy air has prompted numerous governments to mandate a transition to electric cars. Their concerns are well founded, even if their proposals fall ...

The Cost of a Well-Maintained Urban Tree Canopy Is Actually Pretty Cheap

favicon Planetizen - Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Educat...
2 mentions24 hours ago
In terms of its public health benefits, a flourishing tree canopy is practically priceless. "A new research report from the Nature Conservancy argues that for just $8 per person, the ...

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

favicon the Guardian
3 mentions3 hours ago
The journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta was killed on Monday in a car bomb near her home. Daphne Caruana Galizia died on Monday afternoon ...

Amazon’s Challenge Shows Importance of Good Transit for Cities

favicon TheCityFix
2 mentions3 hours ago
Amazon’s recent announcement that it is seeking to build a second headquarters in a major North American city has sent cities from Los Angeles, to Chicago, to Toronto scrambling to ...

Michael Reese site's evolution: Olympic Village to Amazon campus?

favicon chicagotribune.com
2 mentions2 hours ago
Add the former Michael Reese Hospital site, once pegged as the Olympic Village in Chicago’s failed bid for the 2016 Summer Games, to the list of potential homes for Amazon’s ...

It's Time to End the Democratic Party's Urban Domination

favicon CityLab
2 mentions55 minutes ago
A former Democratic mayor argues that his party’s grip on urban politics needs to end. One-party rule is hurting America’s big cities. But not everyone thinks it’s a problem. Bruce ...

Parking space-sized micro-house is made for city life

favicon newatlas.com
2 mentions6 hours ago
With space at a serious premium in many cities, some think that downsizing may be the answer to housing growing populations. Few homes come much smaller than the Tikku (which ...

What Amazon HQ2 signals about the future of cities

favicon YouTube
2 mentions1 hour ago
Find out why Loading... The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please ...

Paris to ban all gas-powered cars by 2030

favicon CBC News
4 mentions2 hours ago
The noise of car engines revving around the streets of Paris might become just a memory. In its latest initiative to reduce air pollution, Paris City Hall wants gasoline-powered cars ...

Puerto Rico’s recovery requires a sustained federal commitment

favicon Brookings
3 mentions9 hours ago
Hurricane Maria has created widespread devastation for the 3.4 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico, leaving many without regular and consistent access to food, running water, and electricity. While ...


favicon Sarah Polley: The Men You Meet Making Movies
4 mentions1 day ago
On sets, I saw women constantly pressured to exploit their sexuality and then chastised as sluts for doing so. Women in technical jobs were almost nonexistent, and when they were ...

Mike Davis: El Diablo in Wine Country

favicon LRB blog
3 mentions7 hours ago
In 1942 Alfred Hitchcock recruited the author of Our Town, Thornton Wilder, to write the screenplay for Shadow of a Doubt, an innocence-versus-evil thriller set in an ‘idyllic American town’.

Subpoena Orders Trump To Turn Over Documents From Assault Allegations

favicon BuzzFeed
3 mentions23 hours ago
A high-stakes legal showdown is brewing for President Donald Trump, as a woman who said he groped her has subpoenaed all documents from his campaign pertaining to “any woman alleging ...

An Architecture Critic Lists 7 Reasons Bike Lanes Benefit All Road Users

favicon Planetizen - Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Educat...
2 mentions2 days ago
People—on bikes, in cars, and on foot—should be able to agree that bike lanes are better for everyone. Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Inga Saffron has penned a detailed argument in ...


favicon nhc.noaa.gov
2 mentions1 day ago
Click Here for a Printer Friendly Graphic Download 120-h GIS data: 5 km .shp0.5 degree .shp Note: The time of the tropical cyclone's center location at the bottom of the ...

Export Monitor 2017

favicon Brookings
4 mentions10 hours ago
In July 2017, President Trump announced “Made in America” week to showcase U.S.-produced goods from all 50 states. In fact, advocating for U.S.-produced goods has been one of the most ...

20 of America's top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy. They're scared.

favicon Vox
2 mentions2 days ago
Is American democracy in decline? Should we be worried? On October 6, some of America’s top political scientists gathered at Yale University to answer these questions. And nearly everyone agreed: ...

Wellbeing enhanced more by places than objects, study finds

favicon the Guardian
7 mentions2 days ago
The poet WHAuden is credited with first coining the word “topophilia” to describe a strong emotional pull to a special place. Now scientific research, using cutting-edge brain imaging, suggests Auden ...

Why Isn’t It a Crime To Kill a Cyclist with a Car?

favicon Next City
4 mentions3 days ago
It was a clear and bright spring morning in central Mississippi. Jan Morgan and her cycling buddy Kim Richardson were riding along the edge of a two-lane highway, training for ...

I'm carless and I have to break it to every woman I date in L.A.

favicon latimes.com
2 mentions2 hours ago
"Listen," I said. "There's something I didn’t tell you." It was melodramatic, but I didn't know how else to drop “I don't have a car” into our conversation. We were ...

The Barriers Stopping Poor People From Moving to Better Jobs

favicon The Atlantic
3 mentions8 hours ago
MERCED, California—Seccora Jaimes knows that she is not living in the land of opportunity. Her hometown has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, at 9.1 percent. Jaimes,

Watching Harvey Weinstein Fall, Trump Accusers Feel Disappointed

favicon BuzzFeed
2 mentions2 days ago
For all the women who have cheered as accusations against the producer Harvey Weinstein force a public conversation about sexual misconduct, one small group of women has watched with frustration.

Everyone knew Houston’s reservoirs would flood

favicon ProPublica
2 mentions9 hours ago
Barker Dam and Reservoir in Houston on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017 (Michael Stravato/The Texas Tribune) When Jeremy Boutor moved to a master-planned community in Houston’s booming energy corridor, he saw ...

New Research on How Ride-Hailing Impacts Travel Behavior

favicon Planetizen - Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Educat...
3 mentions2 days ago
Feature Useable data of the effects of ride-hailing service on travel behavior is sorely lacking, but a new study sheds light on critical questions about what companies like Uber and ...

Uber, Surging Outside Manhattan, Tops Taxis in New York City

favicon nytimes.com
3 mentions19 hours ago
“It gives safe transportation to people in communities where the cabs don’t stop, where the color of your skin prohibits you from access,” said the Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson, 68,

One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end

favicon Medium
4 mentions3 hours ago
At some point in 2006, or possibly late 2005, Noah Glass walked into our office all excited about something. That in itself isn’t news because Noah was always excited about ...

How Seattle Bucked a National Trend and Got More People to Ride the Bus

favicon CityLab
4 mentions3 hours ago
Three experts in three very different positions weigh in on their city’s ridership success. Almost every major U.S. city has seen years of decline in bus ridership, but Seattle has ...

Americans Aren't Moving Much Anymore—Except for the Highly Educated

favicon CityLab
2 mentions4 days ago
Americans are moving less than ever, but that fact masks a deep divide between the affluent and the disadvantaged. Fewer Americans are moving than ever before. The share of Americans ...

America’s large cities show signs of long, slow recovery: new Lincoln Institute data

favicon LILP
2 mentions9 hours ago
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Uber and Lyft Are Cannibalizing Transit in Major American Cities

favicon Streetsblog USA
5 mentions3 days ago
The arrival of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft has led to more car traffic and less transit ridership in major American cities, according to a new study from researchers ...

LIGO Detects Fierce Collision of Neutron Stars for the First Time

favicon nytimes.com
2 mentions5 hours ago
But neutron stars are full of stuff, matter packed at the density of Mount Everest in a teacup. When neutron stars slam together, all kinds of things burst out: gamma ...

Psychologists march through NY to call for Trump's removal

favicon TheHill
2 mentions24 hours ago
Las Vegas Donald Trump North Korea Views on Tax Reform By Rebecca Savransky - Don't miss a brief. Sign up for our daily email. The Hill 1625 K Street, NW ...

China halts more than 150 coal-fired power plants

favicon Unearthed
2 mentions23 hours ago
Beijing finalises move to stop or delay new projects, but the list of affected plants is smaller than previously suggested China is to stop or delay work on 151 planned ...

What Amazon HQ2 signals about the future of cities

favicon Brookings
3 mentions4 days ago
Amazon’s unparalleled announcement that it will build a second headquarters has caught the attention of local officials, economic development professionals, and pundits across the U.S. and Canada. And for good ...

More than half of police killings not officially documented on U.S. death certificates

favicon News
2 mentions2 days ago
For immediate release: October 10, 2017 Boston, MA – Official death certificates in the U.S. failed to count more than half of the people killed by police in 2015—and the ...

The 100 Most Influential Urbanists

favicon Planetizen: The independent resource for people pa...
11 mentions4 days ago
Feature These are the people that have had the most influence on the places and environments that we call home. The results are in, and Planetizen readers have chosen the ...

British architect chosen to lead restoration of Venice palazzo that has been closed to public for 500 years

favicon The Telegraph
2 mentions20 hours ago
A British architect has been chosen to lead the restoration of a monumental building in Venice’s St Mark’s Square, where the Doge’s minions once schemed and squabbled over the governance ...

'Paying to stay safe': why women don't walk as much as men

favicon the Guardian
7 mentions3 days ago
Vivi Restuviani would try to make herself look as invisible as possible when she was out at night in her former hometown of Semarang, Indonesia. “If you looked at me ...

Two Words Are Missing From the Economic Development Conversation

favicon nextcity.org
5 mentions12 hours ago
People were investing in their communities long before government intervened with its own notions of what “good economic development” looks like. Yet today, when we talk about models for strengthening ...

A Brutalist Icon Gets a Second Life Through Art

favicon CityLab
2 mentions2 days ago
Fifteen years after IKEA demolished part of it for a parking lot, a Marcel Breuer-designed office building in New Haven has become a stage for art. The hulking concrete building ...

Uber and Lyft usage leads to more trips and travel in major cities, says study

favicon Curbed
3 mentions3 days ago
Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft have quickly gone from startups to billion-dollar companies and everyday parts of the urban transportation ecosystem, altering how we get around. A new ...

Everything that's been reported about deaths in Puerto Rico is at odds with the official count

favicon Vox
3 mentions4 days ago
Death tolls are the primary way that we understand the impact of a disaster. And for nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, as a humanitarian crisis was ...

Why Big Cities Thrive, and Smaller Ones Are Being Left Behind

favicon nytimes.com
7 mentions4 days ago
This inability has not only slowed their recovery. As technology continues to make inroads into the economy — transforming industries from energy and retail to health care and transportation — ...

In the War on Cars, Only Drivers Kill

favicon Planetizen - Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Educat...
2 mentions5 days ago
A Toronto Star columnist frames a recent spate of pedestrian fatalities in stark terms. Edward Keenan has seen the drivers in Toronto who believe there is a war on cars ...

The Decline of the Midwest's Public Universities Threatens to Wreck Its Most Vibrant Economies

favicon The Atlantic
2 mentions19 hours ago
Four floors above a dull cinder-block lobby in a nondescript building at the Ohio State University, the doors of a slow-moving elevator open on an unexpectedly futuristic 10,000-square-foot laboratory bristling ...

Shadow transit agency

favicon CommonWealth Magazine
2 mentions4 days ago
PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANK CURRAN LOOKING AT THESE THREE GUYS, you wonder what they have in common. Marc Ebuña is a 30-year-old information technology worker who dresses fashionably, lives in Jamaica ...

Who is the new face of American homeownership?

favicon Brookings
3 mentions3 days ago
The U.S. homeownership rate remains lower than it has been for more than 20 years, even though housing markets have largely recovered from the Great Recession (U.S. Census Bureau 2017).

America Hasn’t Seen a Spike in Traffic Deaths This Bad in 50 Years

favicon Streetsblog USA
3 mentions4 days ago
In 2016, 37,461 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes, according to official statistics recently released by U.S. DOT — a 5 percent increase over the previous year. Coming on ...

Talking Headways Podcast: Subsidizing Congestion With Commuter Tax Benefits

favicon Streetsblog USA
4 mentions4 days ago
This week we’re joined by Tony Dutzik of the Frontier Group and Steven Higashide of TransitCenter to discuss their new report, “Who Pays for Parking?” The report is an incisive ...

Could this study explain why Metro is losing riders to Uber and Lyft?

favicon Washington Post
3 mentions3 days ago
Metro is the most efficient means of commuting to and from the D.C. suburbs, but when it comes to intra-city travel — trips beginning and ending in the District — ...

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