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South Sudan conflict: Poet Emi Mahmoud on Uganda refugee landmark

favicon BBC News
3 mentions10 hours ago
Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device Video More than one million South Sudanese refugees have now fled into Uganda to escape the conflict, according to the UN ...

The Filipino social enterprise negotiator making peace happen

favicon The Social Enterprise Magazine - Pioneers Post
2 mentions1 day ago
Sultan Abdul Hamidullah Atar of Mindanao in the Philippines is telling me about the time Isis turned up at his door at 10pm at night to discuss the dispute that ...

World Humanitarian Day

favicon 19 August
2 mentions19 hours ago
“Humanitarian workers and their families are hit hardest by these crimes. But they are also felt by millions of others. [..] Let us honour the fallen by protecting those who ...

Good business: the entrepreneurs making the world a better place

favicon the Guardian
6 mentions2 days ago
Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co, a company reviving a jeans-making tradition in Cardigan, Wales What’s the most satisfying part of your work? Building a team. Cardigan used to have Britain’s ...

Opinion: After Charlottesville, Look at Your Own Biases

favicon The Chronicle of Philanthropy
2 mentions1 day ago
When events as horrific as what happened in Charlottesville erupt, many of us in philanthropy are struck with sadness, outrage, disgust, depression, shock, and terror. While we take in all ...

When Boycotts Work: Top CEOs Flee Trump Councils, Take Action

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
3 mentions1 day ago
With a busy week behind you and the weekend within reach, there’s no shame in taking things a bit easy on Friday afternoon. With this in mind, every Friday TriplePundit ...

Refugee athletes make history at IAAF World Championships

favicon The Social Enterprise Magazine - Pioneers Post
2 mentions2 days ago
Despite not winning any medals at the recent World Athletics Championships in London, one team has left its mark. The Athlete Refugee Team (ART) has given us a different story ...

The Industrious Bee: Replacing Plastic Products with Beeswax

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
2 mentions2 days ago
The greatest challenge to “going green” these days is finding suitable replacements for our carbon-based conveniences. Things like plastic wrap and zip-lock bags have become household mainstays. Plastic packaging can ...

Arrow Electronics’ Innovation Paces Para-Athlete Ride at Colorado Classic

2 mentions10 hours ago
Bicycle-racing enthusiasts from all over the world came together in Colorado last weekend for the inaugural Colorado Classic. Denver-based global technology-solutions provider Arrow Electronics served as a corporate sponsor of ...

How to Stay the Course Toward A Low Carbon Future: Three Effective Corporate Strategies

2 mentions9 hours ago
by Holly Emerson How to stay the course toward a low carbon future: Three effective corporate strategies Despite contemporary obstacles on the road to climate action, companies, non-profits and ...

The Moral Voice of Corporate America

5 mentions4 hours ago
Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan said, “The equal treatment of all people is one of our nation’s bedrock principles.” Walmart’s chief executive, Doug McMillon, criticized Mr. Trump by name for his ...

Promoting Alcohol Responsibility

2 mentions11 hours ago
How Brown-Forman's sales and marketing departments promote alcohol responsibility New Brown-Forman video shows how company promotes alcohol responsibility At Brown-Forman, alcohol responsibility starts with our marketing and continues through ...

The Apparel Industry’s Environmental Impact in Six Graphics

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
2 mentions2 days ago
By Deborah Drew and Genevieve Yehounme A version of this article was originally published by World Resources Institute Roughly 20 pieces of clothing per person are manufactured each year. Growth ...

How the Internet Normalizes Violence Against Trans People

favicon Open Society Foundations
2 mentions5 hours ago
President Trump’s recent tweets expressing his intention to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military whipped the media into a frenzy, occasioned an implicit rebuke from the chairman ...

Jennifer, Mara, Astrid & Aniyia

favicon Medium
2 mentions1 day ago
By Jennifer Brandel, Mara Zepeda, Astrid Scholz, and Aniyia Williams Four months ago, we published “Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break,” a treatise calling for a more ethical and inclusive movement ...

Natural Disasters, Daily Disasters, and Philanthropy

favicon Medium
2 mentions1 day ago
How Funders Can Support News and Information Toward Stronger Communities After Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, I wrote a blog post for the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation about putting community ...

Voya Financial Focuses on a Sustainable Future for Stakeholders

favicon Justmeans
2 mentions1 day ago
(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Running a premier financial company in the world’s largest national market comes with a vital responsibility to all stakeholders and communities. These companies can use their core ...

What We Can Learn from Finnish NGOS About Resilience

favicon Beth’s Blog
2 mentions2 days ago
Earlier this month, I was honored to receive an invitation from the US Embassy in Finland and State Department to teach workshops in Finland for NGOs, Fulbright Finland, Womens Groups,

This Group Has Successfully Converted White Supremacists Using Compassion. Trump Defunded It.

favicon The Intercept
2 mentions2 days ago
Life After Hate is a Chicago-based nonprofit that does path-breaking work. Founded by former white supremacist leaders in 2011, it studies the forces that draw people to hate and helps ...

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Publishes Its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

2 mentions2 days ago
This week Commonwealth Bank of Australia released its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, which shows continuing progress across a range of initiatives focused on delivering the Group’s vision to excel at ...

9 Noteworthy Commons-Based Sharing Projects in Ghent

favicon Shareable
2 mentions2 days ago
Urban commons initiatives are booming in the Belgian city of Ghent, according to a new report. One of the researchers behind the study, Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, says ...

Bridging Governments’ Borders (SSIR)

3 mentions2 days ago
In 2015, a friend of one of the authors met the mayor of a small Mediterranean town at a conference. The mayor was in a panic. One day, he had ...

Rock the Green: Harley Davidson's Eco Story

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
4 mentions3 days ago
Sustainability is the name of the game at the 4th Rock the Green Sustainability Festival in Milwaukee, WI featuring Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals. We are lucky to have ...

Gildan Supports JCPenney Pair Up Giving Promotion Through its Gold Toe® Brand

2 mentions1 day ago
MONTREAL, August 18, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Gildan has partnered with JCPenneyto donate a free pair of socks to children in need for every pair of Gold Toe® socks sold ...

How a 9-Year-Old Taught This Super Successful Entrepreneur About Taking Risks

favicon Entrepreneur
2 mentions21 hours ago
20 Questions After receiving a letter from a young fan asking to invest in his multi-billion dollar company, the founder and CEO of KIND learned to always ask for what ...

Poop-to-Energy Project Provides Clean Cooking Fuel in Kenya

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
2 mentions3 days ago
Sanitation workers, public health officials and entrepreneurs are working together in Kenya to tackle two huge challenges: deal with human waste safely and provide clean cooking fuel for local residents.

Can Private Wealth Close the SDG Funding Gap?

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
2 mentions3 days ago
By Abha Malpani We are seeing a paradigm shift in consciousness that has the potential to mobilize private wealth for public good, and transform the social impact sector as we ...

The Science Is In: Greater Equality Makes Societies Healthier

favicon Evonomics
2 mentions1 hour ago
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett Let’s consider the health of two babies born into two different societies. Baby A is born in one of the richest countries in the ...

These 7 Forces Are Changing the World at an Extraordinary Rate

favicon Singularity Hub
2 mentions2 hours ago
It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who first said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” He was onto something. But even he would likely be left speechless at ...

Seth's Blog: Preparing (for the test of time)

3 mentions3 hours ago
Facebook: Seth's Facebook Twitter: @thisissethsblog The Dip Blog Books by Seth Godin Seth's Main Blog Seth's Squidoo Lens All Marketers Are Liars Blog Official Site Subscribe to Seth's Blog ...

Getty’s Thousands Of New Stock Photos Will Make You Rethink Gender Norms

favicon Fast Company
2 mentions14 hours ago
A picture is worth much more than a thousand words. Neuroscientists from MIT recently discovered that the human brain can process entire images in just 13 milliseconds, much faster than ...

Exclusive: Stonewall Jackson's Great-Great-Grandsons Call for Removal of Confederate Monuments

favicon Democracy Now!
2 mentions23 hours ago
ListenMedia OptionsListenMedia OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats Media OptionsDownload Audio Get CD / DVD Other Formats This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today. DonateDonateMedia ...

Crusader Who Saved Elephants From Poachers Is Shot Dead in Tanzania

2 mentions11 hours ago
“There is no doubt in my mind but that Wayne’s anti-poaching efforts made a big difference in the fight to save Tanzania’s elephants from the illegal ivory trade,” Dr. Goodall ...

How Colleges Can Reclaim the Narrative (and the Facts)

favicon The Aspen Institute
2 mentions2 days ago
Last month, the Pew Research Center revealed that nearly two-thirds of Republicans believe colleges and universities have a negative impact on society. (By contrast, over half of Republicans had a ...

Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate crime database

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions17 hours ago
Few things are certain in 2017’s fraught national climate, but hate certainly doesn’t look to be going away. In partnership with ProPublica, Google News Lab is launching a new tool ...

Connecticut Water Service Issues Updated Corporate Sustainability Report

2 mentions2 days ago
Connecticut Water Service, Inc. today announced the availability of the Company’s updated 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR). The update demonstrates the company’s progress and milestones in achieving its environmental and ...

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda now exceed 1 million

favicon UNHCR
2 mentions3 days ago
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has chosen Tabu as the symbolic 1 millionth South Sudanese refugee seeking safety in Uganda since last July, when an unprecedented surge of refugee arrivals ...

Social Enterprise Summit 17

favicon Summit17
3 mentions3 days ago
Join social enterprise’s premier, national convening Summit ’17 in Los Angeles, CA on September 18 – 20, 2017. Social Enterprise Alliance empowers social enterprises with the tools and resources they ...

Stand Together, Stand Up, Be Clear and Be Counted: Let Urgency Conquer Fear

favicon Case Foundation
5 mentions3 days ago
Growing up, I was raised by German grandparents, whom I truly loved. They were a big influence in my life and some of the things they modeled, like hard work,

Dutch Utility Bets Its Future on an Unusual Strategy: Selling Less Power

2 mentions1 day ago
For instance, Eneco owns Jedlix, an electric vehicle charging unit, which has partnerships with Tesla and BMW and allows car owners to recharge their vehicles inexpensively when there are large ...

'They said I was too old to work at a startup'

favicon the Guardian
2 mentions3 days ago
While diversity in tech has come to the fore in recent years, there is one aspect of this which has been rather overlooked: age. While the median average age for ...

Deep learning revolutionizes conversational AI

favicon O'Reilly Media
2 mentions17 hours ago
The dream of speech recognition is a system that truly understands humans speaking—in different environments, with a variety of accents and languages. For decades, people tackled this problem with no ...

Rock the Green: Goodwill's Eco Story

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
4 mentions2 days ago
Sustainability is the name of the game at the 4th Rock the Green Sustainability Festival in Milwaukee, WI featuring Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals. We are lucky to have ... Support a classroom. Build a future.

2 mentions2 days ago
Teachers all over the U.S. need your help to bring their classroom dreams to life.Choose a project that inspires you and give any amount. nearSearchSee all most urgent projectsSee our ...

Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: 'I was invisible'

favicon the Guardian
2 mentions12 hours ago
Qichen Zhang couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The technical specialist was in the middle of the office at Google when a white male colleague began joking with her about ...

What 11 CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity

favicon Harvard Business Review
3 mentions21 hours ago
The business case for diversity is clear. Diversity can boost innovation and employee engagement, and companies with greater gender and racial diversity financially outperform their peers. Yet progress within organizations ...

Clean Cosmetics: Why You Should Make Ingredient Transparency a Foundational Principle

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
3 mentions2 days ago
By Warren Becker In a study done by market trends researcher Mintel, 56 percent of U.S. consumers claimed they’d stop shopping with companies they perceive as unethical. Suffice it to ...

Check Out Airbnb's Response to Hate Groups

favicon Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
2 mentions4 days ago
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prevents Congress from making laws that restrict the freedom of expression, no matter how hateful or hurtful. Court rulings over the years have ...

‘Hello Neighbor’ Builds Cultural Bridges for Refugees in Pittsburgh

favicon VOA
2 mentions24 hours ago
USA M. Kazam Hashimi has experienced a series of firsts since leaving Afghanistan: his first American meal; his first American job; and now; his first American baseball game at the ...

Half a Million People in Yemen Had Cholera This Year

2 mentions3 days ago
TelevisionFour People Have Been Arrested in India for Leaking a Game of Thrones EpisodemoviesRyan Reynolds 'Heartbroken' After Stunt Driver Dies on the Set of Deadpool 2COMPARECARDSSPONSOREDNorth KoreaNorth Korea Holds off ...

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